Bringing Beethoven back to life | Too late

After scrolling through search results in google I found a university research page ( ). It was a little hard to figure out what it actually was about at first but slowly I got the point. As it says this project creates a new musical composition from a sample using complex network analysis. I don’t know if this project has been completed or not, but as it seems it has covered everything I was thinking about.

I’m attempting to bring Beethoven back to life!

As usual every idea that comes into my mind is inspired by something hardly related to. but hopefully when it comes to relating things its on its best! So after listening to a podcast about the Schrodinger Theory and Super Positions that divide our universe into another possible world. I thought of my favorite Musician, Ludwig van Beethoven. “Is it possible to bring him back to life? “. Logically you can’t make someone come back to existence In real life . At least it is not possible right now with this technology. But Think! What does really make Beethoven who actually is right now. Its not his existence. Its his work! Lets step by step make the Imaginary question much more logical and solvable. How can we produce new musical notes from Beethoven without the need of his existence? Well, I can’t really Answer this question this quick. Music is an Art. It needs the power of creativity. And recreating creativity from symphony samples are much harder than it looks. And Indeed I am attempting to make it happen.

I’ll publish my results ASAP.